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This was fun. Photoshoot for a local designer last year.

Alright… so…

Last night my ex comes over to drop my stuff off and then he like.. pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me. He starts grabbing my ass and rubbing on my pussy… so obviously I was aroused. We go to the bedroom and its like.. a person I’ve never known. He’s like… so aggressive. Pushing, pulling, flipping me around… gave me the best head I’ve EVER had… slapping me, biting me, choking me, pulling my hair…talking so dirty… telling me I’m his bitch and he missed my pussy… saying how good it was and not to give it away… telling me to shut the fuck up and do what he says when I tried to take control… like.. when we were together, we played around with the idea of these things but he was always so reluctant… but last night? Woah. It was all in. I loved every second of it. I finally sat on his face (the first time I’ve ever sat on anyone’s face). He ate my ass & stuck a finger in it while he hit it from the back (which surprisingly felt good)… like… I came 3 or 4 times before he even bust.. and that never happens. Usually, we’d start having sex and he’d cum a few minutes later and its over til he’s “ready” for round two. As aforementioned, he was just a different person. Its like… he actually cared about my pleasure for once. Where the fuck was this when we were together???? I’d never date the kid again but now when my hormones are raging… I know who to call lol

They don’t know nothing about black pearls, I will show them. Why the world sleeping on black girls? I don’t know man.

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These are some techniques I use when I’m having a panic attack.

I’m no expert, but they seem to help me out, so maybe they’ll help you out too.





I need this tbh

Need this

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I have something I wanna share but no one to share it with!

The struggle is real!!!






This man…

Translation: Don’t waste your time and energy on the wrong light.


wake up call

Who thinks like this? He does. Deep.

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A gem from Khloe Kardashian.

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